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Game Jam proyect in which we wanted to explore horror style designs, the game is about violence in the household and how it affects a family.

You play as a kid who can't remember the confusing last days, as you wake up, you suddenly get the urge to find someone and try to "save them" all the while you're being stalked by a strange presence.

Concept wise we wanted to recreate the kind of monster that you would find in a Silent hill game, or some monsters in the Stephen King books, which are entities that represent a part of the protagonist's personality, repressions or feelings towards a traumatic experience they had in their lives.

That's why inside the game the story could be a little confusing, and some people might be completely lost, and what we try to achieve with this is to get people to make their own interpretations of the story.

Install instructions

Everything's pretty simple, WASD to move, spacebar to do stuff, and you do need a mouse to move through the menus.

Even though i'ts a short game we couldn't optimize it in time, that's why it will only run well in above average PCs

-(GTX 600 ~)

-8gb RAM


Mirror.zip 68 MB


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Interesting idea.

Hey man! Congratulations on the game! I just uploaded a Lumps Play for it. I make videos with pop-up commentary full of riffing quips and opinions.

I really liked this game! Well, not so much the game itself, it's pretty rough around the edges. But the mechanic you have going on with the mirror is incredibly interesting! I don't think I can think of a game that uses mirrors quite like that, which is a really unusual find in an indie horror game! Really appreciate the originality.

I thought it was a bit much, though. I would have preferred to just use the mirror to run and hide from the monster perhaps, rather than an endurance-based chase through the house from it. But that's just personal preference, either way it's a really cool idea, and kudos to you!

Here's my video, keep up the devving!

This was a pretty cool and unique little indie horror game. The graphics are decent, the music and sound design is creepy, and the games mechanics worked well. I really liked the "seeing the monster through the mirror" approach the game has. Not knowing where the monster is adds a lot of tension when you hear him start coming for you. The game itself isn't very long and I don't know if I was able to figure out what the story was depicting but I really liked what this game had to offer. I would love to see more from this developer in the ways of the "mirror" aspect in the future. I did a video on my experience with the game if anyone is interested.


Thanks so much for the video, we loved the coverage!. We thought this would get lost in the seas of the internet but we are glad to know someone took the time to review it,

We are still working towards making the game better so stay tuned :)